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About Candy Cafe

Candy Cafe has become a staple in China Town and London for our sweet treats and great prices. Fast delivery at your convenience brings our little shop to you whenever you want it, wherever you want it. Our delectable dishes are equal parts trendy and authentic. We import fresh teas and ingredients from overseas, and craft each dish with care. Why go to an overpriced chain coffee shop when you can have your afternoon tea delivered right to your home or office? Browse our dessert takeaway menu today and enjoy hassle free delivery by downloading our app on the App Store or Google Play. Go on, humour your inner child and check out the Candy Cafe today!

Candy Cafe Restaurant

Our dessert takeaway is conveniently located in China Town for pick up, to go, or dine in. Find us on the first floor of 3 Macclesfield Street, London, W1D 6AU. Spot the pillar-box red door and hop up the stairs to see all we have to offer. Doing a bit of shopping or on your way to uni? Stop by and say hello, and grab a delicious tea to cool you off in the summer heat. We love getting to know our customers and treat them all like family. If you're stuck on what to order, ask us! We know all the combinations that can't go wrong, plus some more adventurous ones that can send your tastebuds on a journey.

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